Business areas of the Grupo Fertiberia


For years, Grupo Fertiberia has been the leading producer of fertilizers in the European Union and the Mediterranean Arc and it commercialises the most comprehensive range of products for agriculture.

In a parallel way to the foreign growth policy, and having consolidated itself as a Spanish leader in the fertilizer market, the company undertook a strategy to boost other business areas outside the agricultural sector. One clear example of this is the commercialisation of the industrial products created during the manufacturing processes of the fertilizers that are used in other diverse industries.

In addition, thanks to the engineering company, Incro, the company has been carrying out environmental and fertilizer industrial products of different kinds throughout the world for more than 20 years. 

Thus, the overall catalogue of products and services placed on the market by the various companies in the Group is organised into four main business areas. Three of them, Agriculture, Gardening and Industry, destined to the commercialisation of Fertiberia products for the sectors and a fourth area, Engineering, with tasks that focus on the development of industrial engineering projects throughout the world.

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