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Fertiberia CLASSIC

These are the products that have traditionally been manufactured and commercialised by Fertiberia. Top-quality products that have taken the brand to the position of reputation and prestige that it currently holds. 

Fertiberia CLSSIC is a complete range that includes simple and complex fertilizers, in different presentations, which are applied directly to the soil. They are products that range from commodities such as Urea and NPK 15-15-15 through to more prepared products, with a great task of research and development behind them, such as the NPK products adapted to specific needs and crops.

The traditional fertilizers are those that are mostly used for fertilizing the main crops. Nevertheless, and due to technical progress, they have evolved through the incorporation of new active substances and additives that give them properties that adapt to the needs of current agriculture which is more productive and respectful towards the environment.


Fertiberia AQUA

This is a range of highly soluble products designed for the most demanding clients and that enables farmers to make the very most of their irrigation systems.

They are liquid or solid fertilizers that are applied dissolved in the irrigation water, using diverse sprinkler or local irrigation systems.

The characteristic these fertilizers have are:

  • Total solubility in water of the solid fertilizers. 
  • Purity, as if they contain inert matter they could produce blockages in the sprinklers.
  • Low levels of salt, so that they increase the salinity of the irrigation water as little as possible, which is measured by Electrical Conductivity (EC). 


Fertiberia FOLIAR

Fertiberia FOLIAR is the range of products specially designed to offer a response to farmers' more specific needs.

They correct shortcomings, stimulate growth and even regulate pH, they are simple or complex, they can be applied traditionally, through fertigation and sprayed on leaves, a technique by means of which there is faster absorption than through their roots.

Foliar fertilization has the following main characteristics:

  • It is highly efficient for complementing the nutrition of crops and for correcting one-off and immediate deficiencies, in macro as well as micronutrients.
  • It is fundamental for stimulating the critical phases of development of crops such as flowering, setting, ripening of the fruit, etc.
  • When the crop has been damaged by diseases or plagues or has been subject to some kind of stress.
  • It is compatible with most plant protection products, meaning that it can be jointly used with them.


Fertiberia TECH

Fertiberia TECH is the brand developed by ADP to classify its specific top-quality, precision and technology fertilizers, with high levels of agronomic verification in the different crops

The "TECH" concept covers a joint task, from research and experimentation in collaboration with universities and research centres through to technical/commercial support to farmers.

A select distribution network and a large, experienced team of specialist technicians ensures assessment to farmers and an effective after-sales service.

The Fertiberia TECH range consists of leading products on the market that are technologically innovative to guarantee the best results.


Fertiberia NATURA

This is a range of special, corrective fertilizers, sold under the Select Natura brand and certified for use in organic farming.

The change in the lifestyle of the population, requiring healthier and more health-giving products, has led to a considerable increase in the demand for this kind of product, which involves a significant increase in the surface area cultivated and an increase in productions.

This range covers the growing demand for nutritional products that meet the needs of crops in a natural, effective way.

It is composed of fertilizers that provide macro elements (N, P, K and so on) and micro elements (B, Fe, Zn and so on), formulated with a new technology based on unicellular algae. Periodically, and as a result of Fertiberia’s research, development and innovation, new products are included into this range.



Fertiberia FITOS

This range comprises the products necessary to control plant health problems that can be found in a large number of crops that exist in the area in which Fertiberia operates.

It is a range that is undergoing continuous evolution, with the incorporation of new products in the different families (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, etc.), in keeping with the needs and legislative changes in European farming.

This range of products completes the offer that Fertiberia gives its clients (distributors, farmers, etc.), covering the needs of crops from the beginning to the end, in other words, an “integral offer”. 





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