Fomento y divulgación Grupo Fertiberia

Promoting and disseminating good practices

Transferring acquired knowledge, which is the result of extensive research processes and long experience in the agricultural field, is for us an indispensable tool for the training of customers, farmers and field technicians that mainly aims to contribute to a more sustainable agriculture through the correct use of fertilizers.

With this in mind, the different companies in the group carry out communication and training tasks on the rational and sustainable use of fertilizers through annual informative activities, participating in many technical and scientific forums.

 Every year, the Agronomic Service imparts about 200 technical, commercial and specialised talks on the correct use of fertilizers with the presence of over 4,000 farmers and technicians from the agricultural sector.

 Year after year, it publishes many technical publications in scientific media and journals, sharing the experience and knowledge of Fertiberia and its affiliates with the company.

Grupo Fertiberia sponsors and participates in numerous conferences, seminars and conferences organised by the scientific community and by cooperatives and farmers’ groups, contributing to improving the profitability of farms.

Institutional Relationships

In addition, with the intention of promoting the correct use of fertilizers, a close relationship is maintained with different Spanish and European Government Institutions and Associations collaborating with:

Related to:

  • Spanish and European Community fertilizer legislation.
  • Regulations on environmental aspects and the rational use of fertilizers, with special collaboration with the Spanish office of climate change.
  • Dissemination of good fertilizer practices.
  • Promotion of the use of quality fertilizers.

In the development and definition of:

  • Tariff policies.
  • Trade defence measures, European Union trade agreements, in particular the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the United States.
  • Regulatory aspects related to these matters.

Proactively involved in all the activities carried out, especially in activities before the central and regional authorities.

Working closely with Agriculture and Environment, Information and Trade Policy Committees and antidumping issues.

Through the exchange of information on the supply and demand of fertilizers and the factors that affect agriculture.

Guide to Good Practices de Fertiberia

Good Agro-Environmental Practices

This Guide to Good Agricultural Practices provides a series of tips on fertilizing crops to optimise the application of nutrients on the one hand and, on the other hand, use them in the most environmentally-friendly and responsible way possible.


Good practices
for Integrated

This Guide offers farmers the keys to get to know their farm in detail, improve their agricultural practices and properly manage all resources to achieve progress in all areas of sustainable development.


Fertilizer guide

Essential and detailed information on the main crops in Spanish agriculture

 It allows farmers to access all the necessary basic information and the general rules to fertilize their crops correctly.


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