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Fertiberia INDUSTRIAL products, which pay the greatest respect to the environment, can be found in different areas of Spanish society.

They are products such as urea, ammonia, ammonium nitrate, nitric acid and calcium nitrate which, thanks to their versatility, are used in most cases as raw material for many basic products manufactured by the most important companies in the country.

The companies in Grupo Fertiberia, thanks to their great experience in manufacturing nitrogenous chemical products, derived from the production of fertilizers, provide integral solutions for the reduction of NOx gases, such as AdBlue, which allows its clients to meet the increasingly demanding regulations regarding the environment.

In short, a wide range of solid and liquid chemical products adapted to specific needs of very different natures such as the case of urea which is manufactured in different qualities according to the sector at which it is aimed: industrial, technical or food quality.

Strontium by-products 

Since the incorporation of the Química del Estroncio subsidiary company in 2006, the Group has an extensive offer of strontium by-products in its catalogue.

They are compounds that are highly versatile with a use that is destined to very diverse sectors.

  • Strontium nitrate: Strontium nitrate is used in the manufacturing of glass for LCD-TFi screens, used in televisions, computers, PDAs, iPads, mobile phones and spectacle lenses. It is also used in pyrotechnics and markers for flares and other devices for civil and military use. Another of its uses is in the manufacturing of airbags for the automobile industry. Finally, it is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Strontium carbonate: Strontium carbonate is used in the manufacturing of glass for LCD-TFT screens, permanent magnets (hard ferrites), zinc electrolysis, pigments and paints, pyrotechnics, ceramics, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Strontium chloride: is used in the manufacturing of glass for LCD-TFT screens and in the reduction of NOx in the automobile industry.


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