Sustainability Grupo Fertiberia

 Sustainability is one of the fundamental premises of  Grupo Fertiberia, a company that for many years has been actively committed to preserving the environment, manufacturing efficient quality products and ensuring safety in all industrial and logistical processes.

In this sense, the company exhibits maximum respect for all stakeholders, such as the natural environment, communities where the activities are carried out, employees, the social environment, etc. This is why the Group has established an Integrated Management System, which includes aspects relating to quality, the environment, the prevention of occupational hazards and product stewardship, and has certified its factories according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and the principles of Fertilizers Europe.

As a result of this awareness, in recent years the company has therefore allocated over 75 million euros in this area, mainly seeking to minimise environmental impacts.



Priority objectives

The aim of sustainable agriculture is to produce food efficiently and productively, whilst conserving and improving the environment and local communities, always taking the requirements of the company’s stakeholders into account. The concept of sustainable agriculture includes activities like ensuring that the input of fertilizers and pesticides is as low as possible, but that good quality high yield crops continue to be produced; guaranteeing that adverse effects on the environment are minimised, and helping improve conditions for members of the local community. ​​​​​​​

In this sense, Grupo Fertiberia understands the priorities of the fertilizer industry:



fertilizers that make agricultural activity profitable and allow food to be obtained at competitive prices.


To food security, reducing poverty and facilitating development.


Prevent and correct soil degradation and denitrification.


With all this in mind and to contribute to achieving the defined objectives, Grupo Fertiberia always considers the following:


1Improving productive processes through efficiency in the consumption of raw materials, reduction of emissions, energy savings and permanently improving quality.

2Optimising all stages of the life cycle of products from the acquisition of raw materials to the different suppliers until they are applied in the field.

3Advice and knowledge transfer promoting the rational use of fertilizers.

4R+D+i developing fertilizers that improve the efficiency of plant nutrition.




Integrated Management System

At Grupo Fertiberia, we have designed an Integrated Management System (IMS) to make a more sustainable action in all the operations derived from our activity possible. This Management System has the following scope: 



Putting products on the market that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.


Carrying out responsible management from the environmental point of view in any activity.


Properly managing the Group’s activity from the point of view of worker safety.


Offering quality, safe products that respect the environment within the framework of sustainable development.

For the strict compliance of the Integrated Management System by all the parties involved in it, the management determines the requirements and risks of each operation and translates them into documented information that is brought to the attention of all staff so that it can be applied. In this way, all members of staff of Grupo Fertiberia are aware of the importance of satisfying these requirements in order to perform their activities and offer a quality, safe product that respects the environment and contributes to sustainable development.



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