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Environmental management

True to its policy of maximum respect for the environment, the Group's main production centres in Spain, Portugal and Algeria, hold the ISO 14001 Certificate and the company has an Integrated Management System that includes environmental management.

ISO 14001 Certificate for Environmental Management

Among the actions carried out in this field, we would mention:

1Reduction of emissions of NOx gases in the ammonia and nitric acid plants.

2Elimination or purification of ammonium nitrate condensates.

3Elimination or purification of ammonium nitro sulphate condensates.

4Desorption and recovery of condensates from ammonia production.

5Hydrolysis of condensates from the urea plants.

6Installation of a treatment plant for water from the phosphogypsum pools.

7Integration between the nitric acid and ammonium nitrate plants to make the most of the synergies between both of them and to improve their energy and environmental performance.

8Installation of inverse osmosis to reduce contaminants in the Avilés and Sagunto factories.

9Elimination of emissions of particles in granulation and drying processes.


Grupo Fertiberia has made significant investments to drastically reduce the emissions of N2O (greenhouse gas) generated during the manufacturing of nitric acid, decreasing them by up to 90%.

Other very important projects a to mention are those of energy efficiency improvement in the ammonia plants, in Spain as well as in Algeria, which not only reduce the energy consumption in these plants, but also very significantly reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

To promote social awareness among its workers as well as society in general, almost all the factories celebrate the “Environmental Congresses” which in turn facilitate a periodical evaluation of the functioning of the company in this area.

Since 2008, they have also been carrying out “Technical Congresses” to promote contact and the exchange of information and experiences between the technicians of its various production centres.

On a yearly basis, the main companies in the group publish a Report on the Environment and Safety, which include the most suitable actions in this area.

We would highlight the promotion that Fertiberia is making of the suitable use of fertilizers, retaining the fertility of the soil and improving the profitability of crops, which leads to fewer emissions of ammonia and greenhouse gases in the agricultural activity.

Grupo Fertiberia actively participates in setting up the Best Agricultural Practices Codes, together with national and international organisations such as Fertilizers Europe, International Fertilizers Association (IFA) and ANFFE (Spanish Association of Fertilizer Manufacturers). 



Quality product

Quality as an identifying feature

We take quality into account in all our products, from their manufacturing to their sale. 


Workers' safety

Creating safe workspaces

"Zero accidents” is a priority in all the Group's production centres. 


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