Quality management Grupo Fertiberia

Quality management

The quality management system in the companies of which the Group is made up represents, as a main characteristic, its continuity and permanent cycle, determining, in turn, that it is not a milestone to be reached, but a way of acting.

At Grupo Fertiberia we understand quality to be the deep knowledge and acceptance of the needs and expectations of interested parties (external and internal clients, workers and society as a whole) translating them into policies, resources and procedures aimed at: 

1 Ensuring integrated quality as a basic principle of the company, establishing and developing an integrated quality management system that is based on the UNE-ISO-9001 standard.

2Meeting and even surpassing the expectations of our clients through compliance with the requirements established by them, as well as the internal requirements of the quality management system.

3 Creating awareness among the members of the company about the need to establish and comply with the objectives and milestones of integrated quality that are set, counting on the decisive participation of all of them for this and developing a mentality of constant improvement in each position.

4The ongoing improvement of our processes and services and, therefore, the efficacy of the quality management system. 


The products manufactured by the Group include the regulatory demands and also those which, without being obligatory, are required by the market. The physical qualities (granulometry, humidity, hardness) and chemical qualitie (content and nutrients) committed to are guaranteed by the exhaustive controls that are carried out in the laboratories of each factory.


The continuous improvement in this area is possible, to a large degree, thanks to the Integrated Management System (IMS) which includes the quality and design and is developed by the company and which demands commitment to continuing improvement through the body of documents that make up the system. 

Therefore, the total quality process is found in all the production development, from the supply of raw materials through to the delivery of the product. As an effort and complement to the previous integrated quality management policy, the companies in the Group are incorporated into the demanding Responsible Care programme, which complements and strengthens the previously-mentioned policies.



Environmental respect 

Conscientious about the environment

We always try to minimise the impact of any of our activities.


Workers' safety 

Creating safe workspaces

"Zero accidents” is a priority in all the Group's production centres. 


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