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The Infinite Fertilizers programme

The Infinite Fertilizers programme converts responsible action, great experience and ongoing research carried out over years by the great European fertilizer producers associated to Fertilizers Europe into a set of rules.

This programme was set up through the Product Stewardship initiative and through Nutrient Stewardship, which was recently created..


The Infinite Fertilizers programme...

1Ensures that fertilizers, raw materials and intermediate products are manufactured, packaged and handled, stored, distributed and applied, promoting the protection of health, safety, quality and respect for the environment.

2It promotes best practices when handling nutrients, increasing farmers' knowledge about the correct selection and use of the products and the adoption of optimal application technologies.

Fertilizers Europe requires all companies that subscribe to Infinite Fertilizers to put them into practice and to carry them out taking the best practice guidelines into account. The application of the programme is verified by means of regular audits organised by Fertilizers Europe.

2020 Stewardship Audit Certificate

The programme developed by Fertilizers Europe is one of the most advanced ones in the Product Stewardship programmes established by the International Fertilizer Industry Association. 

Principles of Infinite Fertilizers 

The companies that subscribe to the Infinite Fertilizers principles take on and develop the following guidelines:


Pursuant to the Product Stewardship programme, each member agrees to:

  • Develop policies and structures that reflect commitment to the programme and to take responsibility for the elements that are part of it.
  • Improve the plans of action to achieve the objectives set, assigning the necessary resources.
  • Follow-up and assess compliance with the programme, carrying out corrections when necessary, promoting the communication and participation of those involved in the supply chain.
  • Control of the Product Stewardship requirement documents.
  • Complaints system.
  • System that determines the traceability of the product.
  • Set up a decision-making system in the entire production chain, evaluating the raw materials and the alternative chemical products, alternative transport routes and types of storage, etc.
  • Internal audit that guarantees compliance with the programme, reviewing all the related activities.

Application of the management principles: Plan, Do, Check, Act. An overall assessment of the risks is carried out for the life-cycle of the product and a management system is created to reduce and control the risks for people, assets and the environment.

The management takes ownership of the activities contemplated and promotes the change.

Product Stewardship is translated into the responsible management of safety, health and the environment throughout the life-cycle of the products, in keeping with legislation, and respecting the best practice guidelines of the chemical industry.

The life-cycle of the product covers the follow-up on elements as varied as:

  • Raw materials, intermediate products, additives, coatings and by-products.
  • Product development.
  • Packaging and loading.
  • Marketing and sales.
  • Application and use.
  • Recycling and/or elimination of packaging materials and surplus products or wast

Fertilizers Europe, in collaboration with its members, has also prepared a tool to calculate the carbon footprint of all fertilizing products, including intermediate products. 

Fertiberia, in keeping with the commitment required by the Infinite Fertilizers initiative, uses this tool to calculate the carbon footprint of all its products in an ongoing way and with the aim of gradually reducing it as much as possible.

Product Stewardship

In 2003, Fertilizers Europe, an association that includes the main European fertilizer manufacturers, set up a product called Product Stewardship.


As a result of the commitment to quality, Grupo Fertiberia joined this programme with the aim of ensuring that its fertilizers, raw materials and intermediate products are manufactured, packaged and handled, stored, distributed and applied, ensuring the protection of health, safety, quality and respect for the environment.

Infinite Product Stewardship Brochure from Fertilizers Europe

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