Grupo Fertiberia International Presence

Growth abroad

Having established Fertiberia’s position as an unarguable leader in the Spanish fertilizer market, an internationalisation process was started which led to:

The acquisition of ADP Fertilizantes in Portugal and, more recently, the creation of the Fertiberia France and 2FOuest subsidiary companies in France.

Boosting the commercial activity of the various business areas in different places in the world, in which, today, we are found in more than 80 countries.

In addition to the opening of new markets, this strategy enabled a direct, more competitive access to the raw materials required for the manufacturing processes. 



Commercial presence in more than 80 countries


Six production centers abroad


Two thirds of our staff work abroad.


46% of Grupo Fertiberia’s production is installed outside Spain.


Cerca del 40% of the business turnover is created beyond our borders.


Almost 80% of the INCRO business turnover comes from projects abroad.



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