Research and development of Grupo Fertiberia

Research as the basis of innovative development

Research, development and innovation are one of the three strategic pillars stipulated in Grupo Fertiberia’s growth policy and, as such, we promote research and development with the spirit of innovating and seeking practicality in the work done, either to improve the production processes or to introduce new procedures for new products or services on the market.

To do so, our commitment to research, development and innovation is applied in all the company's business areas.

Bringing out new, modern products developed and adapted to the needs of farmers and to the changes that new crop techniques, the species introduced, and the community and national agricultural and environmental policies require.

We develop new, more efficient and profitable products, adapted to the needs of farmers and to the changes required by new growing techniques, the species introduced and agricultural and environmental policies.

We also apply innovation as a commitment to sustainability, through better energy efficiency, both in supplying raw materials, as well as in the development of the production processes, with what this involves in terms of benefits from an environmental point of view.

Therefore, research, development and innovation are, for us, a guarantee of our company's competitiveness, of the modernisation of the processes and mainly of a permanent adaptation of the products to the demands of the market, always guaranteeing greatest respect for the environment.



R+D+i projects in progress



Revalorization of arcillosous residue of Magnesium Nitrate production


Inductive fertilizers: improved nutrition and crop development


Nutrient recovery from biobased waste for fertilizer production


High efficiency complex fertilizers


Heating and cooling system with renewable energies


Concentrated solar thermal technology to increase efficiency

Promoting research

At Grupo Fertiberia, not only do we carry out an intense internal activity in terms of research, but we also promote public research into fertilization, participating very actively in research projects in Spain and abroad, working in coordination with universities and public and private bodies to:

Encourage the development of joint research projects that enable the degree of innovation and the competitiveness of the company to be increased.

Favour reciprocal assessment, the exchange of information and mutual support in the promotion and development of activities.

Create mixed research and development units for the common use of scientific infrastructures. 

Notable agreements signed


The University of Seville for the creation of a joint work environment "Centro de Tecnologías Agroambientales - Grupo Fertiberia" in which an operations centre has been set up for the Direction of Agronomic Innovation which brings together all the services of added value of the Group in the Agriculture Area, through the Management of Research, Development and Innovation, the Agronomic Services and the Agronomic Laboratory.

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the result of the consolidation of the relationship between Fertiberia and the CSIC, which started in 2000 and that has already led to more than 20 research agreements, with various of the CSIC centres.


Fertiberia Awards to research 


The Fertiberia Chair

The Fertiberia Chair Award for Agrienvironmental Studies

Doctoral Thesis

Fertiberia Award to the Best Doctoral Thesis in Agricultural Matters

Promoting best practices

For the companies in the Group, the dissemination of knowledge is another step ahead in the contribution towards more competitive, more sustainable agriculture and the final milestone for any research and development process.


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